AMIR Pretend Big Brother

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Roy Panen

AMIR Pretend Big Brother

Amir, age 9, is pursued and chased by three older boys, aged 11-12. When it gets worst, because Amir has been scared of them, he dances to pop king Michael Jackson. And he has practiced many nice moves. This helps him feel a little better and he can be happy again.

   The mobs are really rude to Amir. His parents have tried to get help from their parents and the school. But nothing has helped.

   Amir thinks he needs a big brother who can protect him from the bullies. And one day he meets Daniel who is eighteen years old, blind and gay. Daniel becomes like a best friend. He helps him, puts the police on the bullies, and scares the shit out of them. It is a fantastic change that Amir could not even dream of.

   And Daniel teaches him to swim. Amir loves to bath and swim.